*The IWA will be enforcing the life vest and helmet rules at each event. 

Life vest must have a 4-buckle design with straps that are 1.5" minimum or carry the USCG 100MPH Rating.  

Helmets must be Snell M2005 or newer OR ECE 22.05 and be  predominantly blaze or international orange in color.  More than 50% of its entire outer surface including the visor must be orange.  Should your helmet not pass tech due to coloring, we will have decals and/or duck tape for purchase

 PLEASE come prepared with the appropriate equipment for everyone's safety.

If your helmet has a Snell rating, it should be identified as such on the back of the helmet as in Picture 1.  However, the true Snell Rating that we are looking for is inside the helmet under the headliner.  Remove the headliner as in Picture 2 shows.  Under the headliner, you will find a Snell Rating sticker which shows your rating.  In this case, the rating on the helmet is Snell M2000 as in Picture 3.  Snell Ratings of  M2005 are the only acceptable helmets.   If you are planning on purchasing a new helmet for this race season, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing a helmet with a Snell Rating of M2005 so you will be able to use it in the future.  This is not an IWA rule/policy, this is an ISR rule/policy that is required for insurance purposes and will be strictly enforced.  Picture 4 is inappropriate as is it Snell M95 rating.  Picture 5 is approved as a Snell M2005.  ECE 22.05 rating is clearly on the back of the helmet.









Comprehensive list of non-oxy gas available in MN:  PDF

The comprehensive summary of rule changes for 2012:  The process was very comprehensive through the last year to incorporate our rules into the ISR rulebook in a way that reflects the IWA's mission.  The summary can be found by reviewing the color changed rules in the document on the Rules page with a color key in the last column on the last page.


Just a reminder:  free pit band was removed from what is paid for by Driver Entry fees at event.  Starting in 2012, Registration paid by driver now is provided racing, event band for driver and pit band for driver only.